Making the major junctions in Almora walkable

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SUM Net, which advocates for walkable and safe cities all over the nation, organized a three-day campaign in Dharanaula, Almora for pedestrian rights. Awareness and signature drives were part of this campaign which were aimed towards making the pedestrians aware of their rights and understanding their problems.

As part of the campaign it was suggested that the main junctions in Almora must be made safe and comfortable for pedestrians. Erstwhile Education Minister Shri Gokul Singh Rawat suggested that drains must be covered with slabs to make the streets safe for pedestrians. A worker from Sanskriti organization informed that parking is encroaching walking spaces. Subedar Anand Singh Bora suggested that on all the main roads where people walk, parking should not be allowed and discouraged. Social activist Shambhu Dutt Joshi also suggested that two wheelers should not be allowed on streets which witness significant foot traffic.

Ramesh Danu, a local teacher said that speed breakers and proper street design should be implemented at Dharanaula main junction keeping in mind the safety of thousands of students who use the junction to reach their schools.

Local SUM Net partners who played a crucial role during this three day campaign were- Dherandra Ravat, Anshul, Neema, Renu Negi, Neelima Bhatt, Shashi Shekhar, Kheemanand Bhatt, etc.

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