The network is spread across the country in cities and with members.While all members agree with the larger sustainability vision, each member brings with themselves a unique local perspective which is what SUM Net seeks as a network – a true local, grassroots character, where action and policy travel bottom up and not the other way down. The trickle-down theory hasn’t worked very well for all these years! Along with individuals and organisations working on urban transport, our members’ work areas range from women’s issues to urban poverty issues to hawkers and vendor’s issues and so on. That such a diverse group may exist and bring their understanding to the subject of urban transport is powerful.


Our Active Members

  1. Parisar, Pune
  2. Institute for Decocracy and Sustainability, New Delhi
  3. Centre for Environment Education, Pune
  4. Centre for Environment Education - North East, Guwahati
  5. Forum for Indigenous Perspectives & Action, North East Peoples Alliance, Imphal
  6. Mumbai Environment Social Network, Mumbai
  7. Innovative Transport Solutions, New Delhi
  8. Graduates Welfare Association, Fazilka
  9. Environment, Social Justice and Governance Initiatives, Bangalore
  10. Roopankan, Indore
  11. Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore
  12. Samuel Hahneman Associate and Research Centre, Hazaribag
  13. Aman, Almora


  1. Vidyadhar Date, Mumbai
  2. Sudhir Badami, Mumbai
  3. Vijayshree Pednekar, Mumbai
  4. Rishi Aggarwal, Mumbai
  5. C. Ramchandraiah, Hyderabad
  6. Jammu Anand, Nagpur
  7. Vilas Bhongade, Nagpur
  8. Mahendra Yadav, Patna
  9. Rutul Joshi, Ahmedabad
  10. Sanjay Anand, Gaya