Indore- Cycling campaign by SAYAS

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As part of the Cycle Project a campaign “साइकिल को अपनाओ-दुनिया को बेहतर बनाओ” was undertaken on the 28th of October, 2017 by our SUM Net partner in the city of Indore. The campaign was conducted on a 3 km stretch of the extremely busy VIP road. The cycle riders were sensitized about their rights as users of the road by sharing with them pamphlets and demands of the SAYAS– a group of cycle users in the city. People were also given the membership forms of SAYAS.

In a single day more than 100 people accepted the membership of SAYAS. The new members are from varied walks of life like school children, hawkers, labourers, women, etc. All the new members had SAYAS stickers adorning their cycles.

SAYAS members who helped in conducting this campaign on VIP Road are: Ashok Dubey, Dinesh Dixit, Arjun Sanap, Bhart Sarvate, Deepika Mishra, Sharda More, Ghanshyam Jain, Arvind More, Vivek Shukla, Manoh Mehta, Raj Thakur, Ritika Srivastava.