India Urban Public Transport Survey

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Bus-based Public Transport (BBPT) systems have an indispensable role in making city life comfortable and productive. These systems provide the urban dweller access to education, employment, social life etc. An efficient, flexible and responsive city bus system can help citizens save time and money by providing safe, accessible, affordable and comfortable services. Additionally, there are massive co-benefits of climate change mitigation and better air quality in the city.

Over the past decade, SUM Net has been working in different cities of India to advocate for sustainable mobility, with a special focus on BBPT. In this regard, SUM Net aspires to raise the pitch and awareness for BBPT at national and state levels. We aim to engage with the relevant stakeholders at the local, state and national level to demand for better bus services facilities for every citizen.

As part of this effort, we are conducting a nationwide online survey in 17 cities across the country. The objective of this survey is to gather information on a wide range of aspects of your bus journey like waiting for the bus, bus infrastructure, health and cleanliness, bus staff, value for money, your overall satisfaction and perception. The principal findings of this survey will be published on this website after detailed analysis.

We invite all commuters to participate in this survey.

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We thank you in advance for your participation.

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