SUM Net workshop for 2017 held in Delhi

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SUM Net India held a workshop in Delhi as part of its multi-city and multi-member collaborative journey in continuation of last year. Members from 13 different cities came together to deliberate about challenges and prospect of sustainable transport in their respective cities.

The workshop served as the platform for official launch of 13 Walk ability proposals as two-year projects. These projects will be both research and practice-based with elaborate advocacy measures to promote sustainable transport. By the end of second year, all the projects also aim to have proposed an alternative street design for a particular street chosen in their respective cities.

SUM Net will also continue its transport budget analysis projects in five cities by focusing on the governance structure in addition to comparative analysis.

The Cycle Rickshaw Project is another important part of SUM Net India. Undertaken by the IDS, the project in its second year intends to come up with a Cycle Rickshaw Bill after a long-term study on the rickshaw pullers in the states of Jharkhand and Bihar.

Since its conception in 2009, SUM Net India has been persistent in ensuring that sustainability becomes an important parameter for all transport schemes and policies. With the aforementioned projects, it aims to continue its concerted endeavors in this direction.

For full report, download: Annual Workshop of SUM Net India