The Invisible Cyclist

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Cyclists in the city who cycle every day, irrespective of the hostile conditions they face, are the heroes in the ‘The Invisible Cyclist’ videos. Their daily routine, the role of the bicycle in their life, the problems they face and other personal nuances generate an identity for cyclists.

The National Urban Transport Policy of India, while placing great emphasis on the need to promote non-motorized modes of transport, also specifically mentions disconnect between actual users (cyclists) and the infrastructure that is built for them. It recommends greater interaction with stakeholders so that designs actually cater to their needs. Unfortunately thousands of cyclists do not have a voice, and decisions are being made about cycling based on assumptions. Cyclists are reduced to a statistic, be it their shrinking numbers or those involved in accidents, without looking at the men and women themselves.

Apart from profiles of cyclists, this booklet presents a summary of discussions on experiences, what cyclists feel about transport issues and what they want the city to provide, so that they could continue cycling safely.

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