State-level campaign launched with the webinar series ‘Pubic Transport Now!’

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The campaign for free, safe, and reliable bus service in Delhi was formally kickstarted on June 23 with a webinar. Professor Geetam Tiwari (IIT Delhi), Dr. Kalpana Viswanath, Founder and CEO of Safetipin, and Evita Das, a social activist and researcher at IGSSS, presented their views on the different aspects of the ‘Reclaiming the Bus’ campaign. The discussion in the webinar was moderated by Nishant, who is a member of the SUMNet and is playing a key role in the campaign. The speakers and participants were welcomed by Rajendra Ravi, the director of the Institute for Democracy and Sustainability. Avikal Parashari informed everyone about the digital part of the campaign and requested on behalf of the organizer team to support and follow the campaign on various digital platforms.

Around 90 people participated in this webinar and many people shared their experiences and issues during the discussion.

This discussion was recorded and you can visit this link to watch the recording: Public Transport Now!: Recording of the first issue

Click here to read the written summary of the discussion in English.

You can also see the highlights of the presentations in these video clips.

  1. Professor Geetam Tiwari
  2. Dr. Kalpana Vishwanath
  3. Evita das

Do join us for the upcoming sessions of this monthly webinar series.

Please read our full statement and the list of demands. Please endorse the campaign here.