Maharashtra Charter of Demands for Bus-based Public Transport

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Bus-based Public Transport (BBPT) systems have an important role in making city life comfortable and providing the urban dweller access to education, jobs, social life etc. An efficient, flexible and responsive city bus based public transport system can help citizens save time, money by providing safe, accessible, affordable, comfortable services. There are co-benefits of climate change mitigation and better air quality in the city.
However, not a single city in Maharashtra has an adequate public transport system. Out of 29 Municipal Corporations, less than half have city bus services. The consequences are loss of Gross Domestic Product due to traffic congestions, stressful commute, road rage, unsafe travels, fatalities on road, deteriorating air quality in the city impacting health of vulnerable city dwellers. It is evident that bus-based public transport in cities needs immediate attention.
In recognition of the role that the State Government and Urban Local Bodies can and must play to encourage the shift to sustainable and affordable modes of transport
We, the SUM Net (Sustainable Urban Mobility Network), put forth the following Charter of Demands with a focus on intra-city bus services. We hope that the State Government, its Urban Development Department and Transport Department will incorporate the Charter of Demands in appropriate policies, programmes and schemes.
You can read the full Charter of Demands here.