Report on Schools and Sustainable Urban Mobility

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SUM Net member CEE published an approach paper on ‘Schools and Sustainable Urban Mobility’ focusing on two things – exploring the approach schools can adopt towards creating sensitivity to sustainable urban transport and practices, attempts made in some cities and secondly, the depiction of urban transport is school curriculum.

The second part, which is more elaborate, presents a rapid analysis of textbooks of NCERT, Maharashtra and Gujarat, that assesses the extent and nature of content related to the topic of ‘transportation’. The purpose is to look at the status of content related to the topic of transport in the textbooks and open up the discussion for further ideas to strengthen curricular support/ interventions. We present a framework of desirable learning outcomes in relation to ‘sustainable mobility’. Assessed against this desired learnings outcomes framework, there are considerable gaps in the comprehensiveness and continuity of content related to in the textbooks we have reviewed. There are some good examples of both content and presentation in some textbooks, notably in the Maharashtra textbooks.

Certain recommendations based on the textbook analysis have been made in the report.

The report can be found here

A policy statement based on the studies in this report can be found here