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Posters on Sustainable Urban Transport from SUM Net India

Set of nine illustrated posters from the Sustainable Urban Mobility Network India, on Footpaths, Cycle Tracks, Public Transport, Traffic Demand Management and more. Each poster quotes relevant references from the National Urban Transportation Policy, Govt of India.

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City Updates

Taming Streets: Design, Deliberation and Delivery in Indian Cities

The film takes us through the process of engaging people in designing streets to be more liveable and people-centric rather than the current vehicle-centric trend. The initiative taken up in two Indian cities of Pune and Bangalore brings out why deliberation might actually be the core of street design.

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Policy brief on the need for a State Urban Transport Policy

As the pace and scope of urbanisation is rapidly increasing, cities are coming face to face with various critical issues, transportation being one of the foremost. Recognising this challenge, a National Urban Transport Policy was drafted in 2006, and is currently being revised. The National Urban Transport Policy (NUTP) 2006 calls for increasing the share of public transport in our cities from 22 per cent to 60 per cent.

Our need for mobility has been growing rapidly. Official data indicates that passenger-km travelled by Indians is increasing at a rate of about 15 per cent per annum. Consistent with this, automobile sales in the country are increasing around 10 per cent per annum. From an emissions perspective, this indicates rapid growth of emissions from the passenger transport sector, since most of the transport is powered by petroleum products. Further, such an increase of transport activity has also results in increased imports, since India’s net import dependence for petroleum products is about 80 per cent. However, the policy has not been able to bring about any comprehensive, significant change in the way cities managed their transportation. Indian cities continue to grapple with problems of alarming rate of increase of private vehicle usage, compromised public transport systems, neglect of non-motorised transport systems and facilities and the important underlying cause of all this – lack of proper planning and implementation. Read more ...

Pune City Updates

Pune’s Transport Budget Analysis 2011-12

SUM Net member organization Parisar has recently done an analysis of Pune’s municipal budget, and in particular those aspects that relate to transportation investments and expenditures. Here are some highlights:

At around 30% of the total municipal budget of Pune, the transportation sector gets a larger share than important sectors like health, sanitation & slum rehabilitation together.

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